A Brief Overview of What We Can Offer Bands & Artists


Enso works to ensure each band gets equal attention.

If you’re unsure where to take your music career next, or how to do it, this is what we’re here for! With a huge amount of combined experience throughout the industry, we can guide you and help you grow.

There’s no denying the music industry is tough, our team have spent a lot of time building contacts, with a lot of 1st hand experience touring and recording.

We handle all the stressful stuff, dealing with promoters, venues, studio’s, press & whoever else we might need to help take you to the next level. Our goal is to let you focus on what matters most – The music!


With many years experience booking quality tours and shows across the UK and Europe…

We’ve dealt with a lot of well known events. We receive a lot of tour packages with many of the top bands in metal.

Working to ensure you get the shows you deserve, with the right bands. A lot of time goes into ensuring smooth running and trouble free touring as well as just booking. We deal with accommodation, travel (in house tour driver & tour manage if required), press, contracts & payment.


Every band needs a good image! It’s crucial to how you’re perceived and who takes interest.

We ensure you get the best photo & video shoots, along with the best studio’s and producers for the job. An essential part of getting yourself seen lies in having solid press campaigns. Enso makes sure that for any new release, a huge fuss is made! Working with some of the top magazines, interviewers & media outlets rest assured we have it handled!