Ashen Reach join Enso!

We are looking forward to getting stuck in with this bunch!

Ashen Reach are slowly making a name for themselves up and don the Uk, hardworking, talented and ready to bring you some hard rock mixed with new elements, They arnt tied to any genre as such, just write and play what they love,

Ashen Reach (formerly Equinox) are a five-piece hard rock band from Liverpool, England. 2018 opened new horizons for the band, winning the Merseyside leg of the prestigious Metal 2 The Masses competition against some of the best bands the region has to offer, this led to an amazing prize of performing on the New Blood Stage at the Biggest Metal Festival in the UK: BLOODSTOCK (This was incredible). 2018 also saw us play venues both local and afar covering Plymouth, Bristol, Wolverhampton, Wales, Manchester, Preston, Stockport and our hometown Liverpool to name a few.

They also performed a self-hosted gig with an orchestra and released our demo CD, “Traveller”, recorded at Parr Street Studios. Supported acts include, but aren’t limited to; Angel Nation, Bad Pollyanna, Alia Tempora, Endeavour, Ferocious Dog, Collibus, Twisted Illusion and Chasing Dragons. Our aim is to blend the classic rock attitude and vibrance with the intensity and power of modern rock, while interpolating elements of any musical style we feel can advance our vision. The band was co-founded by Ian Wilson (Guitar and Backing Vocals) and now also features Daniel Moran (Vocalist), Paddy Cummins (Guitar and Backing Vocals), Jess Stanley (Drums and Art), Michael Carroll (Bass).

Starting in 2015, the first EP, “Time Zone”, conceptualised the earlier sounds and influences and gained a 9/10 review on Totally Tankered. However, after the introduction of Paddy Cummins, the decision was made to take these concepts and elaborate on them with the modern rock sound the band has come to associate itself with. Since then, Ashen Reach have developed a catalogue of music varying from in-your-face anthems, to emotional ballads, to progressive soundscapes, and still maintain the sound that makes the band what it is; a good, no-holdsbarred hard rock band.


Keep an eye out for ASHEN REACH at a venue near you!