Tech metal band Kinasis, announce a wealth of talent to their already insane line up!

Please join us on welcoming our new drummer Noah Plant and our new guitarist Elliott Alderman-broom to Kinasis.

Noah has been playing with us for the last year as a session drummer and has done an amazing job. Such a good job that we have chained him to the drum stool and now won’t let him leave. He’s not only an incredible drummer but he has also become a brother to us in the Kinasis camp and we are honoured to have him take the throne for us.

Elliott has been working with us behind the scenes for ages. His ability and his passion speak for themselves both as a guitar player and as a vocalist. We have known him for years through gigs and Enso Music Management. To have him become part of our motley crew is again, an honour.

We are preparing to take Kinasis to the next level. Working hard on new material and a new live show…
So again… join us in welcoming them into the Kinasis  family and prepare yourselves for what’s to come.