Line up:

HEADLINER – Collibus 

Ursus – Ursus are a metalcore band from Swindon who combine elements of nu-metal, metalcore and technical metal to create an intense, punishing sound that sets them apart.

Upon Those Dying – Established at the end of 2015, Upon Those Dying are a metal band primarily within the Djent, Deathcore genres. Their original Self-titled EP released on
March 25th 2016 with their debut single “Suffering”, released on 7th October 2015
quickly grabbed the attention of people locally and globally to define themselves as ones to watch out for within the metal scene, gaining thousands of followers around the world on social media.

Epic fail – EPIC FAIL originally started as a band that strived to make a difference in 2009. After joining together as five friends who were growing tired of the local music scene’s offerings it didn’t take long for them to be recognised.Spending the majority of 2009 writing their first songs and finding their sound they soon started hitting promoters far and wide to demonstrate their addiction to music. Epic Fail have had the opportunity to play/tour with such artists established artists such as The Defiled, Skindred, Psychostick, Galactic Empire, The Dirty Youth, Anterior, Malefice, Despised Icon, Misery Index, to name a few. Now with notable live experience and a widely growing fan base EPIC FAIL are definitely ones to watch out for!Within weeks of targeting live shows the band instantly gained support

Winchester UK – coming from cardiff with they album release last year life begins is a huge sound that has formatted this band to sound huge with fantastic alternative rock post hardcore elements this band will leaving you wanting more everytime.

garuda UK – rock metal band from Pontypridd South Wales fresh band on the scene so make sure you give them a warm welcome to.this fest a band to never miss with amazing catchy choruses.

I Am Gravity – I Am Gravity, rock band from South Wales! First single ‘The Underneath’ is really catchy with upbeat vocals and amazing harmonies these songs will sure to be stuck in you head with a pure voice of an angel.

REVIVAL – after playing both bloodstock and steeelhouse festival these guys will smash the fest open with only being a band for a short amount of time they have achieved so much in short time they been giging.

Good Morning Vietnam – Good morning Vietnam is a post hardcore band from South Wales. Looking to bring a new element within its music, known for aggressive song writing but meaningful lyrics relating to everyday struggles.

Sentry – with being a band for short time these guys have thrown themselves head first in the deep end of the giging world as coming from the south Wales valleys have already played they first show in England and there guys have some real aggressive riffs.

they live we sleep – A band that used to vent some aggression and energy, that would otherwise be turned inwards.

void caller – fresh new metal from south wales with being out of action for a good while this band will surley Prevail.

Vultures – new hard rock band from south wales we welcome vultures to celtic mosh fest.

£10.00 tickets at see tickets .com

£12.00 on the door

Doors open at 12pm (midday)