Coming hot out of the fiery pits of the Glasgow metal scene, Dominicide are an up and coming thrash metal five-piece outfit consisting of:

Vocals – Thomas Paine

Rhythm/Lead Guitar/backing vox – Craig Law

Rhythm/Lead Guitar  Christopher Blair

Bass Guitar/backing vox – Craig Milligan

Drums – Oskar Mazurek

Dominicide released their self recorded debut EP effort “Power Corrupts The Sane” to a great reception in April 2016 (Picked up by over 30+ worldwide radio stations). It featured tracks such as “Power Corrupts The Sane,” “Monstrosity,” and “Dominicide.” The EP has since been taken off the internet to be re-recorded into a new record along with 3 new tracks (Pent Up Rage, War Machine, and Once The Serpents Rise”). “ Dominicide” our second EP is now out and was released on the 30th of September.