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Torqued unleash their ep “Resurgence”

EP REVIEW: Resurgence – Torqued
“For a band who have only been on the circuit a couple of years (amongst playing in other projects individually) TORQUED have hit the ground running and Resurgence is exactly the kind of release they needed in order to build on their efforts thus far. It may only be four tracks in length but they all pack a punch in their own way, displaying a variation of diversity rather than being a one trick pony…”


By David Lydiard
The passion that these guys have for their art is unrivalled and if there is any justice then ‘Resurgence’ should be a massive success for them. Life might feel pointless at times but when music this good is being made then it’s a beautiful reminder that maybe it is worth fighting for……/…/torqued-resurgence-ep/
(Enso Music Management)


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Elliott Alderman- Broom, Artwork – Very Metal art, Live recordings- Polr Services. Photography- Will Tudor.